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Well for all of you *gay pagans and witches* (such as myself :) here is a rainbow happy face to start off your day, sweetheart this one is for you!!

Hi much of what I use on my site is from my witchcraft group on yahoo, I have asked permission from the owners of the site to use thier material and they have agreed to let me do so :)

Scroll all the way down to see my pages!!!

Hello all!!! It has been almost a YEAR since I have been able to work on my website!! My computer had been hacked and it has taken a while to put things back together :( but now it is done and I have sooo many new pages to add!!! So keep watching the site, new work will be going up soon!!

I have had to move here from Angelfire! They lost my entire account :( The site at Angelfire is still up but will not be maintained. So please have patience with me while I get all these new links working again!! Thanks!
If you wish to see the angelfire site go here:  the links there still work!

To send me an email please send it to this addy! :)

Attention!! Something new! Apparently there is a group on msn and yahoo called the Rangers they are *watching* wiccan and pagan sites!! Click the button to check out the sites that are being watched!! 

If I had a *Wall of Shame* this article would be at the top of the list! Handfasting Terror!! 

This lovely banner above  was made for me by MerlynBay aka EucalyptusEarth, yes the same one I was having some problems with, we have since apologized to each other and have become friends! I believe this to be the meaning of both the Wiccan and Christian faiths, to forgive :) Thanks Merlyn for this incredible banner!!!!!

Everything on my pages was either written by me or credit given from a book or the site  I found it on (used with permission) If anyone wishes to use what is on my pages, please ask before doing so.

Blessed Be and welcome to my web site! My name is Jesse and this is my Wiccan Home. When I began this site in December 1999, my basic idea was to have a site for people to come and learn
about Wicca and magick. Before I began my site I had searched the web for hours at a time, looking for herbs, stones, oils whatever I could find. The one thing I did notice is that very few sites had enough different information on one site which left me again searching the web for more  information. That's why here, I wanted to put up a variety of information  that you would be of use to Wiccans and Pagans and Christian Witches alike. As I learn new things, I will put them up on my site, and since I seem to be learning something new everyday I will be updating a lot!

All are welcome here, Christians, Wiccans and Pagans, but only with an open heart and an open mind, you do not want my dragon protector to become angry!!

Please sign my guest book :) My thanks to all that have signed my book, and your kind words are very appreciated!!! My guestbook has a bad habit of cutting off what people say it will not take too many words :(

Well today is April 24, 2000 (this date is when I received this letter!) I have put one new page up that is a bit different than the others. You see I received my first Christian Fundamentalist nonsense , so in return I wrote up a special page just for them :) please if you wish read this new page,  be cautioned I did use a bit of harsh language!!  To read this page click the pretty button! 

Another great site!! Along with some excellent information, there is also a page for *Christian Friends* sigh, it has mostly hate letters and threats, I will never understand how *christians* can write this horrid nonsense to another human being!!! And since I am a Christian Witch it makes it doubly hard for me to understand them :(  Pagan Internet Links!

Check out my Site Directory Page it may help you navigate my site better!!

Something new!! This link is to a great article concerning the apology of the pope to all the religions that the catholic church had persecuted, except paganism!

If you would like to link to my pages, please go to my Banner Page and take one of the lovely banners that are there!!!

New Druid Links on Links page 2 !!! 


The new Alphabetical Link is  up and working! A friend asked me why i didnt put everything in alphabetical order since it would be easier to move through my site, well I would have to change all the links to do that, so I am preparing a alphabetical page! This page is now up, all the links are not yet active but many are and it makes it easier to find things!!!!!

On this page is an email a friend sent to me, I decided to put it up, to me, it meant, *what it is to be christian* please read this!! 

I have been asked several times to put up a page on Meditation, instead of putting one up, click the button and go to this site! It has excellent pages on meditation, and it is easy to understand!! 

I try to watch out for broken links on my pages but sometimes I miss them :( if anyone finds a broken link please email me and let me know so I can fix it, thank you!! :)

The horror brought to us from the tragedy of the WTC and the Pentagon makes its very clear that we can no longer just sit back and allow terrorism to destroy our country or our people. I have put up a special page with a very special spell on it made to order for what is happening today. I know that most wiccans and pagans are calling for healing spells which is desperately needed, this spell is something entirely different from that though. To see this page please click the button 

Here is a NEW site to go visit!!!!!! It is called *The Silver Pentacle* it has excellent information, and the pages are well done and easy to read!! 

If anyone has any spells or information they would like put up I will be happy to do it for you! I will include your name on whatever you sent in and also a website if you have one and would be more then happy to link to anyone who wants to :)

On many of my pages I have written "Used with permission from my wicca and witchcraft group" that I am a part of. It is an excellent group! A lot of good information and nice people, so if you are curious here is a link to the group, check it out and see what you think!! 

I have added pages dealing with the different pantheons of gods and goddesses!  

Check out my Christian Magick page, I have something on it about Dr. Laura, you know the woman who hates gays and witches alike, or anyone not herself lol.

WOW ! It has been almost a year since I was able to work on my web page!! Puter problems, which are now solved!!! I have soooo many new things to put up I can't wait to get started! I hope you enjoy all the new things this page has to offer, as always feel free to write anytime if you have questions and I will be glad to try to help you :)

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I have tried to give credit where it belongs through links on my other pages, if I have missed anyone please let me know!! :)

Should anyone wish to email me please use this addy:

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Here and there on my site I have put up some lovely globes, some of these I have found at Catladies site :) 

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