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To purify any place of evil entities or any supernatural force of a negative nature, take some dried and powdered Sloe Bark and mix it with any strong oil, Garlic Powder and Frankincense. With a new white candle lit burn the mixture in a fireproof dish at the stroke of midday and at the stroke of midnight in the area of the negativity.
Repeat the exorcism for 7 days in a row.

To Keep Out Spirits Or Other Bothersome Creatures


This is easy to do. Take anywhere from 13 to 100 nails and bend them in half. Then you bury them in a circle around your house. Finally you take Garlic, mix in a pinch of Tarragon and Mugwort then grind the mixture together. Once you do this sprinkle the mixture in front of every door leading outside, and outside of all ground level windows. (Did I say easy???)

To Keep Ghosts Away


Sage, Salt, Mullein and Tansy can be buried by the front door to keep ghosts away!!