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Earth Magick
Scott Cunningham


                               I found this type of magick to be very interesting and I thought I would share
                        some of what I had read about Earth Magick.

                        Some of these spells read like *Folk Magick* but work non the less! Because they
                        are a little different I wanted to give them a page of their own!

        Earth Spell


                                In a plot of prepared land, sow the seeds of an appropriate plant that suits your
                        need (rose-love ect.) in the form of a rune or symbol that represents what you are
                        in need of. Tend this plant carefully and with love. When the first seedlings pop
                        up, draw a circle around the symbol in the earth with the forefinger of your
                        power hand. Stand quietly and think on the growing symbol of your need. As it
                        springs into existance, so shall your need be answered.

Earth Protection Bottle


                                Into a long small bottle pour fresh clean soil. Fill it to the top and cap it. Place
                        the bottle near an entrance, preferably a window, to guard against evil entering
                        your home.

Earth Scrying


                               Fill a small  vessle 7" in diameter with earth. Sit and relax and gaze into it and
                        into the soil, soon you will begin to notice different signs and symbols staring
                        up at you!

Bark Divination


                             Take a broad thin piece of bark. Put it into a bright fire (be careful!) until it
                        catches, then set it aside where it can do no harm and let it burn out. When it
                        has stopped burning and is cool, look at he charred wood for signs and symbols!

To Protect Children


                               To protect the children when they are away from home, throw a handful of Earth
                        or sand after them as they leave, without them knowing it! This will keep them

An Earth Charm


                               In a piece of green cloth tie up some fresh rich soil, be sure to tie it tightly so
                        none falls out. Carry this with you if you have trouble with security and self-

To Loose Your Troubles


                               Take a handful of Earth and gaze into it, pour all your thoughts and trouble into
                        the Earth. Really elaborate on the problems, put all the hurt, stress everything
                        into this handful of Earth. When you are done, throw it behind you and don't
                        look back, soon your troubles will fade.