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Dressing Your Astrology Candle

From the book-Every Woman A Witch by Cassandra Eason


Listed here are some oils that are commonly used on each zodiac sign. Again there is always room for argument lol.

Aries-Pine and Cedarwood

Taurus-Rose and Geranium

Gemini-Lavender and Lemongrass

Cancer-Jasmine and Sandalwood

Leo-Orange Flower (Neroli) and Juniper

Virgo-Patchouli and Lily

Libra-Marjoram and Magnolia

Scorpio-Lemon Balm and Myrrh

Sagittarius-Rosemary and Frankincense

Capricorn-Cypress and Vetivert

Aquarius-Lemon Verbena and Coriander

Pisces-Camomile and Ylang Ylang