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Dream interpretation has always been of interest to me, so I thought I would put up some meanings to some common and uncommon dreams.

Abandonment- Misfortune or quarrel
Abduction -Success
Accident -Danger
Actor- Falseness, deceit
Amazon -Mysterious woman
Angel -Protection, happiness
Anger -Reconciliation
Animals (herd) -Prosperity
Ants- Activity, health
Attack -Serious danger
Avalanche- Serious danger
Ax -Strength of character

Babies -Luck in home
Bag (full) -Abundance
Bag (empty)- Laziness
Barking -Beware
Barn- Poverty
Basement of a house- Anguish,torment
Bear -Awkward friend
Beard (cut) -Danger of illness
Bed (unmade) -Disorder, mistake
Bed (empty) -Appointment
Bed (occupied)- Illness
Bees -Successful work
Bees (dead) -Loss of money
Bell -Good news
Belt -Faithful love
Bicycle- Early success
Binoculars- You are being deceived
Biscuits- Cheerful reunion
Bite- Hatred, jealousy
Birth- Good luck
Birds -Joy
Birdcage- Serious slander
Blindness- Betrayal
Bottle(full)- Pleasure
Bottle(empty)- Illness
Boat(sailing)- Journey
Bones -Omen of catastrophe
Bread(white or fresh)- Coming good luck
Bread(Brown or stale)- Worry
Burial -Early marriage

Cave(deep)- Anguish
Candle(lit) -Birth
Cards(playing)- Loss of money
Castle-Happy event
Cemetery-News of death
Cherries(sour)-Tears threaten
Chain-Sorrow, suffering
Chariot-Sure reward
Clock-Important business matter
Coffin-Joy, recovery
Cradle-Hope realized
Comedy-You are being laughed at
Crape-Early mourning
Cyclone- Catastrophe

Death Agony(your own)-Take care of yourself
Devil-Torment, peril
Dice-Fatal loss
Dog (white)-Happy omen
Dog (gray or black)-Misfortune
Dog (barking)-Good sign
Dove-Happy event
Doctor-Illness soon
Doll-Ephemeral pleasure
Drown person-Sorrow followed by joy
Duck -Anonymous letter

Eagle (dead)-Ruin
Earthquake-Serious danger
Eel (dead)-revenge carried through
Eel (alive)-You will miss a success
Eggs (broken)-Quarrel
Eggs (whole)-Abundance
Eggs (scrambled)-Discord
Elephant-Certain victory
Embroider-Quiet happiness
Empress-Fatal pride
Eyes (beautiful)-Sincere love
Eyes (diseased)-Bad business
Eclipse-Failure, death
Easy Chair-Change of employment

Fall (frequent dream)-Weak heart
Fainting-Coming illness
Fan-Gaiety, futility
Famine-Vain efforts
Family-Sign of joy
Fairy-Wishes released
Fasting-Unfounded fears
Factory-Profitable labor
Feather-Frivolity, worry
Fishbones-Obstacles surmounted
Fireplace (with fire)-Family pleasures
Fireplace (empty)-Sorrow, loneliness
Figures-Cerebral anaemia
Fire (to light it)-Important event
fire (with smoke)-Threat of a quarrel
Fishing (for big fish)-Joy, happiness
Fishing (for small fish)-Limited success
Flight-Failure of business matters

(more to come soon)