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Spells by Dorothy Morrison

I had bought a book by Dorothy Morrison entitled The Craft. Shortly after she released this book she released a second called The Craft Companion. Both are excellent books. It is from The Craft Companion that I am taking these next spells out of.

To Determine If The Object Of Your Affections Is True To You

Pick a sprig of Basil (or purchase the fresh herb) on the new moon. Enchant it by saying:

Basil, basil, hear my plea
Do now what I ask of thee
Stay fresh and green if love is true
But shivel if it's not on cue!

Place the sprig into the hand of the one you love. If it shivels up right away, someone else holds the key to his or her heart. If it doesn't, your love is true to you.

For General Financial Gain

For this spell, you'll need a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter, and a green candle. Wait until a Thursday morning, then arrange the coins around the candle in a circle. Light the candle and say:

Bring cash-now sent it on its way
Bring it now. Right here. Today!

Visualize yourself being surrounded by money. Let the candle burn all the way down. Carry the coins with you.

Spell To Kindle Romance

To bring about romance, gather 6 red rose buds and a pink candle. Arrange the rose buds in the shape of a heart in front of the candle, then light the wick as you say this chant:

Venus Goddess of Romance
Help me in this loving dance
Give me what I most desire
By the light of candle fire!

After the candle burns out, place the rose buds in your pillow case. (Remember this is to bring romance to you, do NOT put this spell on any specific person!)

Blessing For Privacy

This is something we all need at one time or another! So to enchant your favorite personal space for privacy, just stand in the doorway and ask the Lady for help by saying:

O Lovely Lady, lend an ear
And grant me privacy in here
So those who look for me can't see
Grant invisiblity!

Spell For Strong Family Bonds or Lasting Friendships

Begin this spell by presenting each family member or friend with an acorn. Once everyone has their acorn, have them join hands in a circle and ask the blessing of the oak by saying together:

We honor you, O Mighty Oak
Grant your strength unto these folks
Let it surge throughout these seeds
And make us strong in thought and deed!

Then ask each person to carry their acorn charms with them at all times. As they do, the bonds between them will grow and solidify.

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