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Domino Divination


                             Now this is fun to do and easy also! Dominos first origionated in China.
                              Back then there were 32 tiles, now we have only 28. Now here is an easy
                              method of divination.

                                     Lay the dominos face down on a table. Think of your question then choose
                             4 dominos that speak to you. Interpret them from the list below.

                                     Blank/Blank-Trouble ahead, perhaps a sorrow in love, or loss of
                              personal property.

                                     One/Blank-Your health will improve. Be careful not to waste money. A
                              visitor arrives over water.

                             One/One-Parents and family offer help and support.

                             Two/Blank-Your upcoming trip goes well. Watch out for thieves they are
                             after your purse or your heart!

                                    Two/One-Upheavels in love or business.

                              Two/Two-Be careful with your health. Dealings with others turn out

                              Three/Blank-Problems with spouse or family. Jealousy threatens friend-

                             Three/One-Good news or a surprise comes your way. Gossip about an
                             affair may lead you to trouble.

                              Three/Two-A new project goes well. Don't take risks or tell white lies,
                              both will get you in trouble.

                                   Three/Three-Your love life is in upheavel because of forces you can't
                             control. Money comes your way through an inheritance, raise or bonus.

                             Four/Blank-You will change your outlook on life, possibly because of a
                             close family member.

                             Four/One-Debts may come back to haunt you. A good marriage is in your
                             future but it may be childless.

                             Four/Two-Unexpected events both good and bad cause major problems at

                             Four/Three-Sorrow because of children or an illness. Be careful with
                              your vehicle.

                             Four/Four-Things will go well for you if you are a craftsman. Sports will
                              bring happiness into your life.

                                    Five/Blank-Be there for a friend in need, but don't forget your own needs.
                              Don't take risks.

                             Five/One-Money problems ahead.

                             Five/Two-Your heart is breaking because of a marriage gone cold. New
                             projects, perhaps a child.

                             Five/Three-Social and financial lives are secure. Expect a visitor.

                             Five/Four-Money problems with your partner ends when you start
                             making money of your own.

                              Five/Five-Things are looking up in all aspects of your life.

                             Six/Blank-Accidents, gossip, jealousy. Perhaps the death of a person or

                             Six/One-Problems work themselves out. MIddle age brings happiness.

                             Six/Two-Relationships go well, leading to a possible marriage with a good
                                     partner. A useful gift comes your way.

                             Six/Three-Good marriage in your future. A trip will be a success. Middle-
                              age brings illness.

                              Six/Four-Early successful marriage brings children.

                             Six/Five-The job is going well. Children could bring trouble.

                             Six/Six-All parts of life are good. Business dealings with land is profitable