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Divination Dictionary


 Aeromancy - by atmospheric phenomena: weather predicting
Alectromancy - by a cock picking up grain.
Amniomancy - by a caul.
Anthroposcopy - by facial features.
Arithmancy - by numbers.
Astrology - by planets and starts.
Augury - from the behaviour of birds.
Austromancy - by the winds.
Axinomancy - by a balanced axe, or a stone on a red hot axe.
Belomancy - by arrows.
Bibliomancy - by random passages in books.
Bletonism - by currents of water.
Botanomancy - by herbs.
Capnomancy - by smoke.
Cartomancy - by cards.
Catoptromancy - by mirrors.
Ceromancy - by molten wax dropped in water.
Cheiromancy - by the hands.
Clairaudience - by hearing things inaudible to normal hearing.
Clairvoyance - by seeing things invisible to normal sight; second sight.
Cledonomancy - from chance remarks or events.
Coscinomancy - by sieve and shears.
Crystallomancy - by a crystal.
Dactyliomancy - by a finger ring.
Dowsing - by means of a divining rod.
Geloscopy - by a person;s way of laughing.
Genethlialogy - from the stars at birth.
Geomancy - by dots on paper, marks on the earth or particles of earth.
Gyromancy - by whirling around until dizziness causes a fall.
Halomancy - by salt.
Haruspicy - from the entails of animals.
Hepatoscopy - from the liver of an animal.
Hieromancy - by the observation of sacrificed things.
Horoscopy - by the planets and stars.
Hydromancy - by water.
Ichthyomancy - by fishes.
Lampadomancy - from the flame of a candle or torch.
Leconomancy - from the shape taken by oil poured on water.
Lithomancy - by stones.
Margaritomancy - by pearls.
Moleosophy - by the moles on the body.
Myomancy - from themovements of mice.
Necromancy - through the communication with the spirits of the dead.
Numerology - by numbers and names.
Oenomancy - from the appearance or wine poured in libation.
Oneiromancy - by dreams.
Onomancy - by the letters of a name.
Onychomancy - by the fingernails.
Ophiomancy - from the behaviour of snakes.
Ornithomancy - by the flight of birds.
Palmistry - by the hands.
Pegomancy - by fountains.
Pessomancy - by pebbles.
Phrenology - by the head.
Physiognomy - by the face.
Psychometry - by handling an object.
Pyromancy - by looking into a fire.
Rhabdomancy - by a wand or divining rod.
Scapulomancy - by the shoulder blades of animals.
Scatoscopy - by the inspection of excrement.
Sciomancy - by the shadows or ghosts.
Scrying - by a crystal.
Sideromancy - by the movements of straws placed on red hot iron.
Sortilege - by drawing lots.
Spodomancy - from ashes.
Stichomancy - from random passages in books.
Tephromancy - from sacrificial ashes.
Theomancy - by oracles, and by persons inspired by a god.
Uromancy - by urine.
Xylomancy - by dry sticks.
Zoomancy - from the behaviour of animals.