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                                        Here are two different forms of divination to try!

Fire Divination

                          Light a fire, in a fireplace or outside (safty first!!) Once it starts to really burn
                    watch the flames. If the fire burns to one side, then love is in the air! If the fire
                     is crackling this could mean misfortune is on its way! If there are hollow spots
           within the flames, this means end of a current problem is at hand. A sudden
         surge of the flames means and argument will soon start. If the flames are
                      shooting sparks, this means important news is on the way! Now if 3 bolts of             flames shoot up at one time, this mean momentus news is on the way!

Candle Divination

                          For this type of divination you will need 3 candles of the same color, also 3
                    identical candle holders. Set them in the form of a triangle then light them.
                    If one burns more brightly then the others, this means you will have a period
        of unexpected good luck!  A quenched flame means that misfortune and
                    negativity is around you. If the flame seems to move in circles, this mean that
           someone is working against you. If the candles flames are crackling and
               shooting sparks, this means that more negativity is coming into your life. If
                      the candle is burning quietly with a strong flame, peace will stay in your life!