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Disclaimer Page

As much as I do not like to do this, I have come to feel it to be necessary. The way things are today it is always better to be safe then sorry :)

Please, before using any of the herbs or mixtures, see your doctor! Do NOT use these to cure yourself. If you are not an expert in the use of herbs be sure to find all the information you can on the subject before using any of them!!!

I am not responsible for any of the spells or potions found on my pages, please know what you are doing before trying any of them for your sake as well as mine!!!  Use caution and common sense here, never try anything that you are not completely sure of!!

I can never stress reading and learning enough here, it is an absolute before beginning any spell or ritual, this includes ritual baths or infusions, make sure the herb you use will not harm your skin, this includes also oils used in making bath salts, use a drop on your skin before putting them in the salts to be sure they are safe for you to use!!

 Also as with my online store, use common sense and understand first what each item is for. I wish I could absolutely guarantee that everything will work wonderfully, but to say that wouldn't be right, but I do believe there will be more that are excellent than those that arent!

Thank you, Jesse

If you have any questions please feel free to email me!!