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              I decided to do a little research on the Dark Goddesses of Wiccan and Pagan
              beliefs, because along with the light there also has to be dark.

                  Hecate-This should begin with the Queen of the Dark Goddesses she is a supreme
              goddess of witchcraft and protection. Like Cerridwen she is usually perceived as
              the dark mother in the crone aspect. Hecate can also be used in spells of revenge,
              but among wiccans that is a definate no-no!!  Hecate is also the giver of justice
              but be sure of yourself when you ask for this because she will judge you also!
              She is also goddess of the crossroads and is sometimes depicted as having three
               heads, one of a dog, a snake and a horse. She is usually seen with two ghost
               hounds that are said to serve her.

                  Kali-Hindu- The Goddess of Death, creative and destructive, protectress of
              abused women. She is also known as the black earth mother, she often eats her
              own children for sustenance. She is known for giving life then taking it away

                The White Lady-The Celtic Goddess of terror and the underworlds

            Cerridwen -Moon and harvest Goddess, also associated with the Dark Mother
             aspect of the crone.