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Dance Magick

Background by Ameymoonflowe

                      The idea of using dance to raise energy has been around for a very long time.
                 What better way, and also enjoyable way to raise enough energy for your
                 spells or rituals! When you dance you raise a lot of energy, you have to really
                   let yourself be totally absorbed in the music and the dance, try to feel the beat
                    of the drums, feel the rthyme, let your body move to the sounds. If you are at
                      all uncomfortable about trying this, do it alone in a quiet room, either using
                     a headset or turn up the stereo! Let your mind go blank and move your body
                     to the music!  Think of the bellydancers of the middle east, their sensuous
                     movments, think of the wild dance of the gypsys by thier campfires, open
                     yourself to the God and Goddess, dance for them, rejoice in the freedom of
                     the movements!!

                           When you finally feel that you can no longer dance and hold the energy then
                      throw all the pent up energy into your spell or ritual !  Sometimes you feel so
                      tired and exhausted it is easier just to fall to the ground and relax!  Try
                      practicing this for a while, then use it in your spell work, you will be surprised
                      at how well this will work!!