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Crystal Companion Planting
(from the book-Gardening with the Goddess by Patricia Telesco)

This garden will be for the strongly elemental leanings.

Earth-Stones-green agate, cats eye, coal, jet, malachite, salt, green tourmaline, and turquoise.
       Plants-Alfalfa, beets, corn, ferns, honeysuckle, mugwort, patchouli, peas, potatoes, and vetivert.

Air-Stones-Aventurine, mixed-colored jaspers, mica, pale yellow or whitish stones.
  Plants-Anise, beans, bergamot, caraway, clover, danelion, endive, lavender, Lily, marjorham, mint, mulberry, parsley and sage.

Fire-Stones-Any red or orange colored crystals or rocks, dark agates, amber, obsideon, dragons blood, carnelian, tigers eye and topaz.
   Plants-Allspice, basil, bay, cactus, carnation, celery, dill, fig, garlic, holly juniper, marigold, mustard, onion, pennyroyal, pepper, radish, rosemary and yarrow.

Water-Stones-Blue or green crystals, lace agate, amethyst, aquamarine, coral, geodes, jade, lapis, moonstone, pearl, sodalite and blue tourmaline.
       Plants-Aloe, apple, birch, blackberry, cabbage, catnip, chamomile, crocus, cucumber, daisy, elm, foxglove, gardenia, grapes, gourds, iris, lettuce, lilac, morning glory, raspberry, rose, strawberry, tansy, thyme, violet and willow.

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