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(Can't promise you won't get booted but these may help!)

To Protect Power Flow


                               To help against power interupts and surges, place a Quartz
                               crystal near the electric outlet used to plug your computer.

General Computer Protection


                                   Turn the computer on and throughly cleaning off all dust.
                             While you clean chant:

Earth and wind and fire and sea
Moon and sun; all hear my plea
Communication deities
All come forth and present be
Join in forces and protect
All data, pixels and connects
Then weave a web both tight and sound
To stave of crashes this way bound
Protect my software from all harm
And hardware too, from raging storm
Please guard it well from others tricks
Like Loki's jokes and Murphy's tricks
Stamp out virus and disease
So data flows to me with ease
 To my aid oh ancients come
Protect by moon and shining sun!

Charm To Increase Modem Speed


                                 For speeding modem, upload and download time, try placing a
                           piece of Tiger's Eye on top of external modems, and for internal
                           modems place it on top of the pcu.


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