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Companion Planting
(From the book *Gardening With The Goddess* by Patricia Telesco)


There are several plants that like to be planted close together, they seem to help each other grow, and also deter bugs and even some that help enhance the flavor of vegetables! Here is a list of flavor enhancing vegies :)

Bean-Plant this with Mustard or Rosemary.
Carrot-Plant with Chives or Sage.
Coriander-Plant with Anise.
Cucumber-Plant with Chamomile.
Lettuce-Plant with Chrysanthemum.
Marigold-Plant with Tomato or Rose.
Onion-Plant with Dill.
Pepper-Plant with Basil.
Potato-Plant with Horseradish or Thyme.
Rose-Plant with Garlic or Onion.
Strawberry-Plant with Onion or Sage.
Tomato-Plant with Mint.
Vegetables-(general)Plant with Tarragon.

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