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Gather freshly cut parsley and place it in a pan of water. Let it soak for nine minutes,
and then sprinkle the water throughout the house while visualizing a calm environment.
Peace will be restored.


Uphold the rules of the Wiccan Rede.
Be high in spirit ye shall succeed.
Power of the Elements Five,
Will help Mother Nature stay alive.
From grains of Earth to the moving Air.
Past the burning Fire that magick flares.
Flow with Water, lakes, and streams;
Around the Spirit's aura and dreams.


Incense, air of high refine, purify this space of mine.
purged and purified be this place that I have chosen as magickal space.
Herbs of Mother Earth give blessings here to me, this rite, this sacred sphere.
Protect and cleanse this sacred place Hallow it now as my magickal space.
Walk around the space you're cleansing with the lit incense chanting this,
hands up to the moon/sun/sky moving clockwise in a circle.
Do this at least 3 times or until you feel all energy is positive.


Home-cleansing methods are of great importance in African-American hoodoo folk-magic.
Here is a simple procedure for blessing a new home and ridding a house of any unwanted
spiritual influences.
Wash down the wood work and floors with Chinese Wash (or Van Van Oil in water) from back
to front and out the front door and throw the remaining wash water out the front door or in the front yard.
If there is no front yard, carry some of the wash water to the nearest street intersection or crossroads
and throw it to the East.
Then use a brand new broom to sweep the house from back to front and out the front door.
Some folks also like to sprinkle Van Van Powder at the front threshold and sweep that away from the house.
After cleaning as above, put down pinches of salt in the corners of each room or, if you
are in a hurry, four pinches of salt at the four outside corners of the house.


This spell will refresh and cleanse you. To begin, cast a circle in your bathroom.
Call the elements, and light a lavender colored candle.
Then blend in a muslin bag a teaspoon each of lavender flowers, chamomile flowers,
and dried crushed rosemary. Hang the sachet under the faucet, and draw your bath
water, allowing it to pour down through the herbs. Add a half cup of lemon juice to the bath.
When you settle into the tub, lean back, relax, and take three deep breaths.
Close your eyes and focus on the excess tension and stress in your body.
Feel the herbs and lemon draw it out of your muscles and mind. Thoroughly clean your
tub when you are done to remove any residue of negative energy from the bath water.


When presenting your house spirits with offerings of incense,
candles or what not you can say this little chant:
"Wraith of the house, Take heart and live,
To every chamber This light I give,
To every corner This breath I send
Approve and favor my willing hand."


To make an herbal cleansing bottle, pour a layer of sand in a large clear bottle.
Add layers of dried herbs, one at a time: first rosemary; then lemon peel, sage, cedar,
black peppercorns, lavender, dill, bay leaf, and rowan.
When the bottle is full, focus cleansing protective energy into the herbs and sand,
and see a golden light radiating from the bottle.
Visualize the herbs driving away negative influences.
Cork and seal the bottle with white wax.
Using a permanent marker, draw the Algiz rune on one side of the bottle, and on the
other side draw a pentagram.
Set the bottle near your front or back door, and every six months, uncap,
Pour herbs out into the woods or your compost heap, and thoroughly wash
and dry the bottle before filling it with a new round of herbs.


Incense: 1 tablespoon pine needles 1 tablespoon juniper 1 tablespoon cedar
Make sure all ingredients are completely dry. Grind ingredients together and burn on charcoal.
Spirits of the corners,
Winds of the quarters,
You who stand watching,
And you who hear my voice,
Guard well my home tonight


Before dawn, take a branch from any tree.
Thank the tree for its gift and leave a coin or semi-precious stone at its base in payment.
Next, obtain several brightly colored flowers on long stalks.
Tie these flowers to the branch to fashion a sort of broom, then sweep the floor in every room
of the house, visualizing the flowers of the broom absorbing negativity and "evil" as you work.
Then, still before sunrise, leave the broom at the crossroads.
Traditionally this ritual is repeated at the first of each month.


With this broom, tool of my will, I do cleanse, purify and prepare this space.
From this circle now I banish all fear, malice and misfortune,
that this circle may be a fit meeting place for gods and men.
As I do will, so mote it be.


1 tbls bicarbonate soda 5 drops essential oil juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp. good oil, such as sweet almond ½ cup sea salt
Stir the soda, essential oil, lemon juice and oil together and then blend in the salt.
Dissolve in the bath water.
Light 4 candles (colors of your choice) and place at the 4 corners of the tub.
Step slowly into the bath water, feeling it envelope around you. Close your eyes.
Visualize yourself laying on the surface of the ocean. There is nothing around you, you are alone and at peace.
Feel the warmth of the sun beating down on you. Say either out loud or quietly to yourself:
Be Comforted, All is well Now you are blessed.
You have life to nurture and nurture you.
Be calm. Be easy. Be Comforted. You are blessed.


Bread is offered to the household guardians as a libation, and the salt is kept in the
heart of the home to ground any evil that might enter. After you do this, burn a purifying
or protecting incense such as frankincense, cinnamon, or pepper moving it from room to
room while you visualize any negativity fleeing from your home. As you go, chant over and
over your words of power:
Smoke of air and fire and earth
Cleanse and bless this home and hearth
Drive away all harm and fear
Only good may dwell in here


Boil water in a copper cauldron and mix in sea salt. Stir 3 times deosil and say,
"May the goddess enter the water/May the goddess make it pure."
then leave to cool in the garden in a sunny spot...say,
"May Apollo's rays fill you with power"
Add a quartz crystal to the cauldron or pot. It should take an hour or so. Take your
wand-to-be on a full moon and place it in the cauldron with the water. Burn incense.
Do outside (preferably naked). Take the quartz and smash it into a powder.
Drop some into the flames. Say:
"May Apollo's light be released"
Throw rest into cauldron. Stir 3 times deosil with wand. Say:
"Wand of willow/Wand of life/You shall me follow/Through all strife! So mote it be!"
Allow the wand to dry on your window sill...the whole spell should have been done in a
magic circle of sunflowers, gold/red gemstones and a crystals or rose quartz.
Now your Wand is blessed and ready to be used in place of an athame.
Before adding to cauldron, inscribe any symbols you want on you wand first.
And do it when it is the New Moon.


After Chakra cleansings in the evening by the ocean or a large body of water like a river
or lake or pond. As the sun sets so your bad fortune will drain away.
Hold a stone or object that you find and feel is appropriate and project all the nasty slimy
and inky feeling you picked up from this person into it. Really focus on letting all your
emotions about it as well and let them flow into the rock. When you have done this say:
"I release this astral slime
And all darkness which is not mine
I let go of all that may have harmed
My aura is bright all negativity released
And I am charmed"
Now throw the rock into the water preferably as the sun drops below the horizon and
be conscious of its fading light taking away your bad feelings from this person.
You can do this spell on then first night of the waning moon (after a full moon) for
seven nights if you really feel tainted. Also Place 1/2 cup vinegar, a bunch of fresh
or rosemary and 1 tablespoon of sea salt in your bath. Light a white and a blue candle.
Imagine yourself surrounded by blue light, giving you positive energy.
Visualize all of the negative energy and astral slime leaving your body through every pore.


Light a cinnamon incense stick in the center of the room and walk to the
north east corner or wall. Say:
"Earth and air, purify to good, blow away evil."
Draw a pentagram of smoke and use the incense stick to stab through the
center. Walk to the Southeast corner of the room and say:
"Air and fire, blow away evil, burn away pain."
Repeat the pentagram and stab the center, then walk to the Southwest part of
the room. Say:
"Fire and water, burn away pain, wash away fear."
Repeat pentagram and stab. Walk to the Northwest part of the room and say:
"Water and earth, wash away fear,
bury all negativity, purify to good."
Repeat pentagram and stab. Walk to the center of the room. Point incense
stick to the sky and say:
"As Above..." Now drop an ash from the incense and say: "So Below"


These are especially good measures to take when moving into a new place, beginning
ritual activities in a new space, or to release bad feelings when an inhabitant has been sick or has died.
To cleanse a single room - on top of a newspaper, set a blue candle. Surround with a circle of salt.
Burn a little sage in the room. Light the candle, making sure it won't tip over.
Close the door and let the candle burn down.
When finished, take newspaper, salt, and candle leaving and bury far from your home.
To cleanse a house - select four corners. set four candles: north - black, east - white, south -
purple or dark red, west - blue.
Sprinkle a little salt at each doorway and window. Burn sage in each room, paying special
attention to windows and doors. Strew fragrant herbs (rosemary, basil, lavender, others
you like or consult a reference) and sweep them up with the salt.
Cast the swept herbs out your front door. You may want to sweep them off your porch so they
aren't on your property anymore.


This spell is very good if there is a lot of turmoil or stress in the household.
Do the following spell, and while doing so, remember to focus on your intent for a peaceful household.
Sew a small pouch of lavender cloth.
Place a small trinket in the pouch for each member of your household.
Add to this a pinch each of lavender, rose and chamomile, before placing each pinch in the
pouch, remember to hold it for a moment and REALLY focus, finally, add a small amethyst.
Now, anoint a lavender or pink candle with peace oil(see recipes) and then light it.
Sit in front of the candle and hold the pouch in your hands and whisper the following chant
over it softly 3 times:
Blessed Goddess, most gentle one, calm my home for me.
Relieve all tension, send it far, so from stress we shall be free.
Touch my family with peace and calm, and the sweetest softest bliss,
Bless my home, Great Gentle Goddess, with your calming kiss.
Set the pouch with the candle. Allow the candle to burn down completely.
Hang the pouch in your home, preferably in the room where everyone gathers the most.
Whenever tension seems to build, repeat the above chant 3 times and envision peace
and tranquility radiating from the pouch and The Goddess.


These are especially good measures to take when moving into a new place, beginning
ritual activities in a new space, or to release bad feelings when an inhabitant has been
sick or has died. I did the home cleansing when I once kicked an abusive boyfriend out.
To cleanse a single room - on top of a newspaper, set a blue candle. Surround with a circle of salt.
Burn a little sage in the room. Light the candle, making sure it won't tip over. Close the door
and let the candle burn down. When finished, take newspaper, salt, and candle leavings and bury far from your home.


Collect equal parts (about a handful each) of dried marjoram, bay and rosemary.
Heat a gallon of water until it is almost boiling, remove it from the heat and toss the
herbs into the water. Cover and allow to cool.
Strain the herbs from the water and, using your fingers, sprinkle the infusion throughout the house.
Move in a clockwise direction, visualizing and saying something like the following:
I banish evil and negativity;
This is my will, So Mote It Be!
Touch the water to the doors and windows, appliances and furniture, outside around the
home and on the surrounding property. Be sure to pour some down the drains as well.
Visualize the water cleansing the whole area. It is done.


This is to help you rid yourself of other people's negative energies that might have rubbed off on you.
Visualize a tiny hole in the small of your back.
Move the negative energy down toward the hole and let it drain out into the Earth.
Continue to do this until you feel it all drain out. Close the hole and embrace yourself.
Visualize white light all through your body.


Items needed: Basic altar set-up including:
--salt and bowl of water, candle in color symbolic of need.
Shield, ground, and center. Cast circle.
Charge of the Goddess/God.
Cleanse crystal by sprinkling with water, then with salt. Say the following:
"This crystal is hereby cleansed and dedicated to the workings of the Goddess and God."
With tip of crystal, scratch image, symbolic of need, on candle (i.e., a heart for love, a dollar
sign for money, a fist for strength.
As candle is scratched, visualize your need with crystal clarity as if it had already been manifested.
Chant to raise power. Place candle in candleholder, set crystal near it, and light candle.
Watch the burning flame and again strongly visualize and chant &/or drum.
Allow the candle to burn down.


Just before sunrise, go outside with some heather and a feather.
Face East, light incense, and hold feather in hand while concentrating on the new day
ahead as a new beginning. Say:
Flight of feather, Scent of Heather Give me Cleansing With this beginning!
Blow feather from hand and let the wind carry it away.
Watch the sunrise and feel its rays cleansing you for the new day ahead. It is done.


Place 1/2 cup vinegar, a bunch of fresh rue and 1 tablespoon of salt in your bath.
Light a white and a blue candle. Imagine yourself surrounded by blue light, giving you positive energy.
Visualize all of the negative energy leaving your body through every pore.


Useful for alleviating sorrow.
--Salt A bowl of bottled spring water or New Moon Water
Cast a circle, then invoke the elements and the Lord and Lady.
Sit quietly and think about what you want to clear out of your aura.
When you are ready, add three good-sized pinches of salt to the water and stir widdershins
(counter clockwise). Breathe deep into the bowl and as you do, let your fears and doubts
pour into the water. Breathe them into the salt water where they will dissolve away.
Do this until you feel that the negative energy has passed out of your body.
Next, hold the bowl into the air and visualize a gold or white light flowing into the water,
transforming the negative vibrations and cleansing them.
Carry the bowl to the sink and flush the water down the sink with cold, running water.
Smudge yourself with either jasmine or lavender incense (or another scent that promotes
peace) and open the circle.


(Anoint head with salt water)
"I cleanse my thoughts that they might be pure and honest."
(Anoint throat)
"I cleanse my voice, that all I say might be good."
(Anoint heart)
"I cleanse my heart, that it might be open, giving and full of light.
Grant that I may give freely of my love to others."
(Anoint hands)
"I cleanse my hands, that I may use them only for good."
(Anoint feet)
"I cleanse my feet, that they may take me far in life.
That my journeys may be filled with love light and peace."


This is a great spell used to clean your home of negative energy.
Spell performed preferably during a waning moon but can be cast at any needed time for a
cleansing during any moon phase. Any evening after sunset, Light the end of a sagebrush stick.
Have a glass of water and a bowl Containing a shallow pool of water nearby.
Blow out the flame and blow on the embers Of the stick to increase the smoke.
In each room of your house, Blow smoke in each of the four directions.
Blow gently upon the burning stick As you face each wall of the room.
Say aloud:
I clear this space of all negativity
And of the energy of people or things
That have no purpose in this household.
I ask that this clearing be gentle
And that all of this energy be returned to its source.
When you are done with your whole house, Return to the room you started in.
Take the stick and dip it into the shallow Bowl of water to douse the embers.
Take a sip of water from your glass.
Say aloud:
This home is a gentle and supportive environment.
I offer gratitude to the universe that this is done.
So it be And so it is.


Steep one teaspoon of dried basil in a cup of boiling water. Leave for five minutes, and then strain.
Add the liquid to your bath water to bring a protective and cleansing influence.
This herbal bath is particularly useful to rid oneself of the negative feelings left by contact
with those who are controlling.


To purify a sacred space, during the sixth hour after sunrise or the first or eighth hour
after sunset consecrate an aromatherapy bowl or small cooking pot by passing it through
the smoke of frankincense and sprinkling it with blessed water, saying:
" I consecrate this container to aid in my Craft,
that the spell I now weave will take hold and last."
Heat spring water in the bowl over a tea light or in the pot on a burner.
When the water is hot, add the following herbs, speaking after each-star anise:
" Let all negativity be deflected from this place"; one bay leaf:
"as the sent of this leaf moves through this place may purification enter into space";
One teaspoon sage:
"Though sage I now make this spell manifest,
that with peace and protection this space will be blessed.
For as I will, so mote it be!"


Point your Athame at the sky, and then at the earth. Then pointing Athame horizontally
either spin 360 or walk around the perimeter with the Athame held out in a threatening manner.
Spirits of evil, Unfriendly beings
Unwanted guests, Be gone!
Leave us leave this place, leave this Circle,
that the Goddess and the God may enter.
Go, or be cast into the outer darkness!
Go, or be drowned in the watery abyss!
Go, or be burned in the flames!
Go, of be torn by the whirlwind!
By the power of the Mother and the Horned One
We banish you! We banish you! We banish you!
Sprinkle the perimeter with salt and water.


You need: White candle and holder Salt
Place the candle in the middle of the room. Sprinkle the salt in a circle
deosil around the candle. Light and say:
Creature of wax Creature of fire
Listen to me Hear my desire
Cleanse this room By the power of three
And blast away all negativity
With harm to none So shall it be
Leave to burn for at least 1 hour.


Special tools: Cauldron filled with salt water
Altar Devotion
Cast the circle
Invocation of the Goddess
I greet the Lady and call upon thee Mighty Mother of us all, bringer of all fruitfulness.
I ask you, Mother, to descend upon my circle and reside within me, thy priest/ess.
Invocation of the God
I call upon thee O Great Father, Sun and Consort of the Mother ,who brings her light and warmth.
Come forth Mighty Horned One. Live now within the body of this thy priest/ess.
Anoint forehead with salt water "I cleanse my thoughts that they might be pure and honest -
grant that they always be pleasing to the God and Goddess."
Anoint throat
"I cleanse my voice that all that I say might be for good and naught for ill or harm."
Anoint heart
"I cleanse my heart that it might be open, giving and full of light. Grant that I might give
freely of my love and care to others."
Anoint hands
"I cleanse my hands that I might use them for workings of good, to help and never to harm."
Anoint feet
"I cleanse my feet that they might take me far in life, that my journeys may be filled with love,
light, peace and the joy of the Goddess and God."
Meditation for a time.
Cakes and Wine (eating bread and drinking wine or juice to restore energies spent during ritual)
Release the circle, thank the God and Goddess.


This is a bare-bones, generic spell.
Use when the energies in your home or in a particular room start feeling "off" or negative.
This spell can be tweaked to suit your particular method of working or use as is.
You will need: Small cauldron or other fire-proof bowl for burning herbs - one that you are able to carry.
Your favorite protection oil Clearing herbs such as sage, cedar, rosemary, etc.
Charcoal tablet (a half tablet would suffice) Matches
Trace the pentagram starting from the top point - in this spell you are invoking Spirit.
Meditate before you begin - make sure you're in the right state of mind to proceed.
An Alpha state is the best. The Spell:
Light charcoal in bowl/cauldron and when burning, drop a pinch or two of your clearing
herbs into the cauldron. Take a minute to take in the energy of the herbs.
Carry the vessel around the room - paying special attention to corners, closets, and places
negative energy seems to linger. Project a clear, clean, white light with your mind and say:
"By my will I banish all darkness and let in the light." (repeat around the room)
When you've thoroughly cleansed the room, return to the center and put down your cauldron.
Take up the oil and go to the North.
Trace a pentagram on the wall (window sill, door frame, etc.) Say:
From the North I call to Thee. Blessings of the Spirit Be upon this place.
Go to the East and say: From the East I call to Thee.
Blessings of the Spirit Be upon this place.
Continue to the South and West, changing the blessing accordingly.
When complete, return to the center of the room and place more herbs on the charcoal.
Stand still a bit and feel the energy of the room/space.
Again, project white light outward, mentally filling all the nooks and crannies.
When the energy feels right to you say:
This room is sealed Protected from harm.
Light replaces darkness As I will, so mote it be.
Note: This spell can obviously be expanded for an entire house.
Just begin in the center of the house instead of the center of the room.
If you are uncomfortable calling on "Spirit" for protection, you can substitute the
name of your Deity.


Get a white candle -- either a plain one (offertory, pillar, or taper) or a figural one in the
gender of the person you want to bless. Carve the person's full name on the candle,
then dress it with Blessing Oil or Holy Oil. For more power, you may place a name-paper
of the person, or a photo, or some personal item of theirs (such as a bit of hair or a snippet
of clothing) either under the candle or next to it. One easy way to do this is to place the
paper or personal concerns under an overturned saucer and put the candle on top of the
saucer. Burn a portion of the candle every day for seven days, pinching it out between burnings.
As you light it each day, say this
[Name], may you be blessed
May all good things come to you
May nothing whatsoever harm you
May your heart be light
May your travels be safe
May your health be good
May your mind be sound
May your friendships sustain you
May you be blessed in every way
* If you have a special request for this person (such as that they find a lover, get a
good job, come home safely from a war, or whatever), just add it to the list.
Some people use a large pillar-type candle and keep it going for longer than seven days.
They may make a habit of burning such a candle every day -- or once a week, on Sundays --
for as long as their friend or relative needs help, even doing so for months at a time.
If the candle is large and it is to be burned in this way, it should be re-dressed with
Blessing Oil or Holy Oil once a week: after the initial dressing, you can drop a tiny bit of
oil into the "well" or hole in such a large candle just before lighting it each time.


This ritual is a self cleansing ritual. It was designed to cleans the body, mind & spirit
of residual negativity after being involved in magical battles (specifically, exorcism).
Components & Tools:
A tub to draw a bath A white candle Essential Oil of Myrrh
Essential Oil of Frankincense Sea Salt (fine, bath salts)
Place the white candle so that it's light can shine upon you when you are in the tub.
Mix 9 drops Myrrh and 3 drops Frankincense into 1/8 cup sea salt.
Be certain that you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes, preferably an hour.
Shut off the phone ringers, etc.
Invoke your sacred space. (using what means is appropriate for your practice)
Light the candle. Recite the following:
Spirits of Fire do I call upon thee.
Send thy divine fire and burn through the darkness.
Shed thy light upon me and clear the shadows of my soul.
Draw a bath of hot water. (the warmest you can comfortably get into)
Recite the following:
Oh spirits of water do I call upon thee.
Enter this sacred space and lend me thy cleansing powers.
From the waters we come and to water we return.
As the tub fills (about half way), sprinkle the salt into the waters.
Recite the following:
Oh spirits of earth do I call upon thee.
Ground and disperse all that is not of light.
Mix with me and cleans me of the weight of darkness.
Once fill, settle into the tub. Relax and feel the light and warmth.
Breath in the vapors of the oils and recite the following:
Oh spirits of ear do I call upon thee.
Thou art my breath and my life.
Let me breath in thy light and release the smoke of darkness.
Breath and feel the energy about and within you.
Feel the light of fire burning away that which clings to you.
Let the water's warmth wash through you, and lift away the darkness.
Feel the salt cling to the darkness and ground it for you.
Feel your lungs fill with light and carry out the fog of darkness as you exhale.
Remain in the bath till you feel that all the darkness that will release has left you.
Stand, or kneel, and pull the plug from the tub. As the water drains, recite the following:
As we come from the waters so shall we return.
Oh earth and water, take from here the darkness.
Disperse it and ground it. Let it weigh upon me no more.
Dry off. Put out the candle. Thank the divine and the spirits & open your sacred space.


You will need
a small votive candle and holder (white is always good, but use color if you feel called to do that)
an incense stick, cone, or herbs (such as sage or thyme) to burn a small container of water
a small container of salt
I find that a sugar and creamer set works very well for this.
These can be purchased quite reasonably and set aside just for this use.
This is a ritual which connects you to the deepest levels of healing.
It also connects you to the four elements and their energies.
In this way it is most helpful for dealing with the shamanic elemental energies of Nature.
The candle represents the element of Fire
The incense or herbs represent Air
The container of water is Water
The container of salt is Earth.
Beyond that, these elements reflect your own needs.
The element of Fire reflects your relationships, protection, ideas and achievements.
The element of Air reflects your creativity, spirituality, inspiration and philosophies.
The element of Water reflects your emotions, intuition, dream states, psychic gifts, and healing balance.
The element of Earth reflects your practicality, knowledge, sacred wisdom, and growth.
Find a quiet time and place where you will not be disturbed.
You may make this as ceremonial or as informal as you choose.
Light the incense and take a few moments to consider the element of Air.
Consider the gifts that Air reflects in you.
Light the candle and take a few moments to consider the element of Fire.
Consider the gifts that Fire reflects in you.
Take a few moments to consider the element of water and how it reflects in you.
Take a few moments to consider the element of Earth and how it reflects in you.
Very gently, pour the water into the container of salt. If you are using herbs as an incense,
you may sprinkle a few in the water and salt mixture.
Stir the salt and water with your fingers. Consider the blending of elements that creates life itself.
Consider the balance of elements and their attributes in your life. Take a few moments to do this.
Facing the candle, dip your fingers in the water mixture and touch your forehead (3rd eye area).
Say: "Bless me Mother, for I am your child." (The original was written for the Goddess as Mother.
Another deity name can be substituted here, or simply say "Spirit.")
Now dip your fingers in the water mixture and touch the area around
your eyes carefully.
Say: "Bless my eyes that I may see you."
Dip again and touch your nose.
Say: "Bless my nose that I may breathe your essence."
Dip again and touch your ears.
Say: "Bless my ears that I may hear your wisdom."
Dip again and touch your mouth.
Say: "Bless my mouth that I may speak your name."
Dip again and touch your heart.
Say: "Bless my heart that I may feel your love."
Dip again and touch your lower abdomen.
Say: "Bless my cauldron center that I may create harmony."
Dip again and touch your feet.
Say: "Bless my feet that I may walk in balance."
Dip again and rub your hands together.
Say: "Bless my hands that I may share your healing in my work."
Take all the time you need to concentrate on the elements before you.
Focus your attention on the candle and visualize healing light flowing into you.
Feel strength emerging from deep inside yourself. Breathe deeply and capture that moment.
Connect with the source of strength and healing.
When you feel you are finished, blow out the candle.
It is good to leave the incense burning if you can.
Air is a communicating element, and smoke is transformation.
The incense carries the messages of healing and strength to Spirit.
If you have used herbs, it is good to return the ashes to Nature.
In this way, you are grounding the energy, bringing the message and the transformation to earth.
Make sure the ashes are cold; then place them at the roots
of a tree or bush if possible. If not, place them in soil or sand.
The salt and water mixture can be used very effectively in several ways.
You may wash your gemstones or other stones in this.
Crystals love this, since their energy is so personally connected to yours.
You may save the mixture and dab a little on your third-eye area every day for a few days, as a reminder.
You may pour the mixture into your bath for a gentle energizer.
When the bathwater drains, visualize a connection between yourself and the energies of Mother Ocean.
You may return the mixture to earth by pouring it on soil or sand.
Remember, plants don't thrive in salt; so keep the mixture clear of plants.
You may sprinkle the mixture throughout your house to seal in positive energies and protection.


Clean your tub. Draw your bath and shut off the water. Take a container of salt.
Pour some salt into your cupped palm. Put the salt into the water.
Pour more salt into your palm; put into the water. Do this a third time.
Three is a magical number and you will find it often in magical spells and rituals.
It reminds us that the Goddess and the God both have three faces that we all know.
The fourth face, the hidden face, may or may not be known.
With your power hand (most often your power hand is the hand you write with),
stir the water until the salt is dissolved and/or it feels right to you.
Part of Wiccan training is about learning to trust yourself and your own inner voice.
Once it feels right, then bless and consecrate the water.
Keeping your power hand in the water, you might say something like this
(Always remember that ad libbing is fine):
"Water and Earth, Blessings on thee.
I do cast out from thee any unpleasantries both from the spirit world and from my world.
I do cast out any and all things that are not to my good and benefit.
I do cast out any and all emotions that may be pulling me down and harming me.
Be cast out that which is not in complete agreement with me!
By the power of the Old Ones, as I will it, so mote it be."
This is to purify and consecrate the water and it is also to remind you that your
purpose is to be cleansed inside and out.
You are getting rid of all those things that you collect in your daily life.
You should enter Circle clean and in clean clothes as well if you don't circle skyclad.
Stand next to the tub and face East. Or, if you so choose, face the direction that represents
newness and dawn and beginnings to you. See the Lady and the Lord standing before you as you say:
Bless me, Lady and Lord, for I am thine own child {your magical name here}.
Dip your {power hand} forefinger and middle finger into the water and anoint your third eye
and left then right eyelids saying:
Blessed Be mine eyes, for they are Your eyes and help me see my path clearly.
Dip your {power hand} forefinger and middle finger into the water and anoint your nose saying:
Blessed be mine nose, for it is Your nose and helps me breathe the essence that is the Sacred Whole.
Dip your {power hand} forefinger and middle finger into the water and anoint your lips saying:
Blessed be mine lips, for these are Your lips and speak the true beauty of Your names
Dip your {power hand} forefinger and middle finger into the water and anoint your heart and breasts saying:
Blessed Be mine breasts and mine heart for they are Yours and I will be faithful and loving in Thy name.
Dip your {power hand} forefinger and middle finger into the water and anoint your belly and genitals
(Men do not need to anoint belly area) saying: Blessed be my womb/vagina/penis for they are
Your life-giving organs and through them I can bring forth life.
Dip your {power hand} forefinger and middle finger into the water and anoint your knees saying:
Blessed Be mine knees for they are Your knees that kneel in sacredness and joy.
Dip your {power hand} forefinger and middle finger into the water and anoint your feet saying:
Blessed be mine feet for they are Your feet and they lead me to your Old Ways.
Blessed Be Lady and Lord! I am ___________________
and I am Your own child come to you in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
Now get into the tub and rub water all over yourself. Feel all your tensions and worries and fears
slip into the water and dissolve away. Surround yourself with light and joy and enjoy!


This rite utilizes the powers of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) to cleanse
the store or dwelling. At a time when the business is closed, assemble the main Members
of the group and on a table assemble the following items:
a bowl of seal salt an incense burner or smudge stick a white candle a bowl of holy water
Light the incense and the candle. Stand before the table and open
yourself to the dwelling. Feel its energies. Really tune into any
impressions you receive. After a moment, hold your hands over the
assembled tools and say something like the following (Feel Free To Improvise):
"I Charge you, tools of the elements to sweep my dwelling clean of
all ill and bane. This is my will, so mote it be."
(several other items needed)
a wand a black candle a white candle a crystal (cleansed prior to use)
With the wand say:
"We dedicate these tools to the goddess and god to help us in our work."
Touch the wand to the sea salt, the holy water, the incense or
smudge, the crystal, the lighted white candle, and say:
"We dedicate these tools to the god and goddess and the five
elements. We dedicate them to helping us in our work of healing
meditation, divination and inner growth."
This next part of the ritual is to banish any negative energies around and in the store or dwelling.
The group forms a procession walking counter clockwise through every room in the store or
dwelling, carrying the smudge stick and the lit black candle saying:
"We banish from this place all pain and negativity. We neutralize negative or mischievous
entities from this place. We send you to the goddess and the god, to heal you and take you
where you need to go."
If you have cedar branches available, place one in each room before you leave it.
Now, go outside the dwelling and with your procession again walking counter clockwise,
repeat the verse again still smudging and burning the black candle, walk around the dwelling.
If available place cedar branches in front of doorways.
Now put out the black candle and smudge stick (incense).
You are still outside the dwelling. Turn clockwise in the procession...light a white candle...
and burn sweet smelling incense.
Walk around the dwelling and say:
"We invoke to this place protection, prosperity, peace, healing, wellness, and creativity."
Place a flower or crystal at each corner of the dwelling.
Now the procession re-enters the dwelling, and again walking clockwise
in each room with the white candle and sweet incense repeats the
above verse. If you have a flower or crystal to leave in each room as
you exit, do so. The group forms a circle around the table where you
first began. One person (the one in charge) leads the group. She
takes the dish of salt, and moving clockwise, leads the group
throughout each room saying:
"By the powers of Earth, I cleanse this dwelling."
The group is to follow her and repeat what she says.
Make sure to do all the corners, windows, doorways of each room as
you go. Imagine, seeing the salt burning away negativity as you
sprinkle and toss it. Your purification will be as strong as your visualization.
Next, set the salt down and pick up the censor or incense, carry it
from room to room (The same route you used with the salt...walking following and repeating) Be sure to hold it before
all windows and doors, and in the corners of each room. Visualize the
smoke clearing away all negativity and evil. Say the following:
"By the powers of Air, I cleanse this place."
Once you have walked through the whole dwelling, return the censor or
incense to the table. Take the lit white candle on the same route.
Again, visualize moving clockwise and holding the flame before
windows and doors, seeing it shining forth with magical power,
burning away negativity. As you go say:
"By the powers of Fire, I cleanse this place."
Replace the candle on the tale and take up the bowl of holy water.
Sprinkle the holy water throughout the house, in every corner, and at
exits and entrances. Toss some drops at and through windows. See and
know that the holy water is washing away ills with a tidal wave of
magical power. Say the following:
"By the powers of Water, I cleanse this place."
Set the bowl of holy water on the table. Stand for a few moments and
feel the difference in the dwelling. It should feel calmer, more
peaceful, fresh and clean. If not, repeat the ritual Group again
forms a circle around the table. You will need four candles to
represent the four elements/directions, yellow for East/Air, Red for
the South/Fire, Blue for the West/Water, Green for the North/Earth.
Also, if you wish you may use a white candle to represent the Holy Spirit.
Each member is to say a prayer, asking for the blessings of the
Goddess and God, asking for the qualities they want for the dwelling.
The leader of the group will light each candle as she says: "I call
upon you, powers of the Air, to witness this rite and to guard this
place." (light the yellow candle) "I call upon the Powers of Fire, to
witness this rite and to guard this place." (Light the red candle) "I
call upon the Powers of Water, to witness this rite and to guard this
place." (Light the blue candle) "I call upon the powers of Earth to
witness this rite and guard this place." (light the green candle)
"I call upon the Powers of the Holy Spirit to witness this rite and
to guard this place." (Light the white candle)
Leader says: "Today we dedicate this place to the God and Goddess,
for our protection, safety, peace and creativity. In this ritual we
have banished anything that could be negative and have invited
instead all prosperity and love."
"We have invited Earth, who protects all women, children and the
dwelling. We have invited Fire who protects the dwelling, home and
hearth. We have invited water, who gives abundance. We have invited
Spirit, who is of the deities and the Earth and who protects all peoples."
You may want to add blessings, poems, or chants to be done by members of the group.

The purification of self is a way to remove the accumulation of all negative things that
happened during the day and to prepare for the work to come. Before ritual work, you have
to change your frame of mind from the everyday mundane world.
Here are a couple of ways to do this.
You may use incense in the common stick form or in what is called a smudge stick.
This is a small bundle of incense. The incense is lit and is passed around the body, but not
too close to the hair (fire hazard). As you pass the incense around your body, concentrate
on the smoke passing through you. Invision all the negativity and the excess baggage of
the day leaving you as the smoke rises around you. When you feel cleansed, put out the
incense. You will need a container to put out the smudge stick. A terra cotta saucer filled
with sand is ideal.
Ritual Baths:
A ritual bath is a great way to shed the day and concentrate on the ritual to come.
--White candles, for Spirituality and Higher Self, Salt, Herb or Herbs for Purification, Candle Snuffer.
Run a bath of very warm water. As the water is running light the white candles.
Use as many as you wish.
Three is an appropriate number as it represents the three aspects of the Goddess.
As you light a candle think or recite aloud: "I light this candle in truth and peace".
Repeat with each candle.
While the water is running, add a small amount of salt into the water, then add the herb
or herbs of your choice.
Step into the water and slowly sink down into the tub.
Relax and feel the water covering your body.
Let the day and all negativity be drawn into the water.
Concentrate on letting go and moving to the positive.
Wash slowly. Turn the bath into its own ritual. Think or say aloud :
" All negativity is flowing out of me into the water. I am pure for the work to come."
Take as long as you need.
When you feel you are clear and relaxed step out of the tub and drain the water.
Watch the water flow down the drain.
Envision all the negativity and the day behind you flowing down the drain with the water.
Dry yourself slowly, deliberately. As you snuff out the candles, think or say aloud:
"I leave this bath in truth and peace." You are now ready for the ritual to come.


If you can identify the actual spirit, locate the center point of the house, and standing there
take a cup of red wine. After each of the following statements take a sip of wine,
and drain the cup after the last direction.
Facing east:
Lady of love and power and all blessings, breathe love into this house, fill air with good.
Through you, in you, I bless this house.
Facing south:
Lady of love and living and all blessings, warm this house with comfort, make whole its hearth.
Through you, in you, I bless this house.
Facing west:
Lady of tide and time and every blessing, let every hour flow sweetly in this house.
Through you, in you, I bless this house.
Facing north:
Lady of strength and riches and all blessings, make this house strong and filled with earthly good.
Through you, in you, I bless this house.
Walk around the house saying the following in each room (including attic and cupboards):
Be comforted. All is well. Now you are blessed. You have life to nurture and nurture you.
Be calm. Be easy. Be comforted. You are blessed.
If you can identify the spirit, say the following in the room most affected:
It is time to leave here. All is well. There is nothing here for you. You must be gone.
Go now, go, complete your passing. Go, and with our blessing and farewell.
Often commanding any evil spirits to leave at once, in the name of your deity three times works well.
After this you could get a smudge stick of sage, or sage incense, and perform a house blessing
carrying it deosil around the property and from room to room, paying special attention to doorways,
crevices and windows, and also any places that `feel` cold.
As you do this with words from a house blessing, scatter salt and water which has been
consecrated and blessed. Have windows and doors open as you bless the house.
Salt scattered along windowsills and doorways will prevent any entity re-entering the property.

A Ritual for the Dark Moon

Begin by setting up your altar as you normally do for ritual, making sure you have a black candle
and wine or water in your chalice in addition to anything else you use. You will also need a cleansing,
purifying incense and a censer or some kind of container which can be carried around your home.
It is best to set your altar on the floor for this rite, but you may do it however you feel most comfortable.
Cast your circle as you normally do. When you are through, kneel before your altar and light the black
candle. With your arms held, palms upward, at your sides, call Hecate by saying three times:
"Hecate, beautiful Crone of Night
I call you here to put things right.
Transform the negative thought and pain
And help my life be whole again."
Close your eyes. When you feel the presence of Hecate and know she is there to help you, open
your eyes. Bow your head to her to show your reverence, and then take the chalice, saying:
"Lady of the Dark Moon, Share with me this wine.
Bring your protection to Flood this life of mine.
May the waters of your eternal womb Bring change most divine."
Sip a small amount of the wine (or water), envisioning it as liquid energy, flowing to effect a
positive change within and outside of you. Leave the rest as an offering to Hecate.
Light the purifying incense in the censer, cut a door in the Circle, and, beginning in the
eastern-most corner of your home, smudge your home, going clockwise.
Go into every closet, the bathroom, and the garage - make sure your entire house is
smudged. As you go, chant:
"Negativity be gone."
Come back into the Circle and visualize your entire house and yard bathed in a peaceful blue light.
Since you have created a void by banishing the negativity, you will need to fill that void.
Ask that good, protective spirits come into your home and that positive energies replace the
negative ones that have just been banished. This is an important step, because if you don't
fill the void with something good, the negativity will come right back.
Sometimes during such a ritual, I take one large and one small black stone and charge
them to keep away negativity. I promise Hecate that the large one will remain in a prominent
place in my house and that I will keep the small one with me at all times. Thank Hecate.
Meditate if you wish, visualizing your life free from negative happenings and feelings and
full of love, prosperity, and happiness. Feel how She has changed your home and your life.
Close the Circle and know that it is done.


Begin with a purification bath.
Light the twin candles on the altar and burn a protective and/or cleansing incense.
Fill your chalice with freshwater (be sure to consecrate it) and blessed salt.
Kneel or assume the Goddess position as you say:
"Naked come I into this sanctuary With love and faith
From those who have gone before. Innocent am I in understanding
Holy and pure in my love of all good and blessed things.
Supreme Goddess, ruler of light, Lord of all Hear my prayer,
Help me now to dispel this thing of unholiness This creature of darkness,
Who dooms itself to shame and unhappiness. Save him if it is thy will to do so.
Send him to the light. Mercy is the song I sing; Forgiveness the word most precious.
In thy everlasting grace I say this. In humility I ask this. So mote it be."
Take up the chalice of salt-water, face the east wall, dip your fingers into the water,
raise your hand and say:
"Powers of the East Powers of the daystar rising
And all fresh beginnings I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship warmth and love."
Then sprinkle some extra water and proceed to the south. Say:
"Powers of the South Powers of the summer sun
Which warms our bodies and our minds
I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship, warmth and love."
Repeat in the west:
"Powers of the West Powers of the purifying and cleansing waters
From which all life comes.
I purify you with salt and with water
For good vibrations of friendship, warmth and love."
Repeat in the north:
"Powers of the North Powers of the earth, the ground On which we stand.
I purify you with salt and with water For good vibrations of friendship, warmth and love."
Then proceed around the room sprinkling water over all the thresholds, windows, and
doorways and in all corners. REPEAT IN EVERY ROOM. Anoint your 3rd eye Chackra
point with the holy water. Then.. Add more incense to the burner, take up, and do the
same thing, using the same verses substituting "fire and air" in place of "salt and water."
As before, proceed around the room censing all the thresholds, windows, doorways, and in
all corners. REPEAT IN EVERY ROOM. Take the fire candle (or a candle for this purpose)
and your athame and, starting at the door or entrance, walk slowly CLOCKWISE through
the house, through each room pausing at each door, window, and mirror and moving the
candle across it, also pentagramming each window, doorway, and mirror with the athame.
Proceed room by room spiraling clockwise. Draw a pentagram in the air in the incense smoke.
All the while chant the following:
"By the One Power I hereby consecrate this space To the Goddess and the God,
According to free will And for the good of all; I hereby release, In all time and all space,
Any negative cause, effect, manifestation, form or essence,
Any negative event, thought, energy, idea or vibration, And transform it to
And replace it with Only positive, joyous good In keeping with the Universal harmonies
Of the Goddess and the God. This space is divinely protected This space is perfectly safe.
Nothing and no one can enter this space Unless I (or my loved ones) allow them to.
This space is sacred Consecrated and dedicated to positive living
For myself and my loved ones And for the work of positive magic.
No harm can come to this space, or anyone in it."
As you draw each pentagram say:
"Only good can enter here No negatives can enter All harm is sealed out."
When you are back at the entry point conclude:
"Love lives here Health lives here
Abundance lives here (Name self and loved ones) live here
We claim this space for ourselves, for the mutual good
And so mote it be!"
Thank the Lady and the Lord. You will feel light and free of any darkness.
Do this Ritual Spell if you have been in contact with anything nasty that has frightened you.
It is also very good if you have had nightmares.


This is a Banishment of negativity spell, but a 7 day candle spell can be used for other
workings, like prosperity, health, love etc. (on different days of the week)
This should be undertaken on Saturday (Saturn), and if you want to be more precise,
the use Saturn's hour. You can either choose 12-1 (from midnight) 7-8 am or (from noon)
2-3 PM and 8-9 PM. It doesn't matter what time you finish, just start at the proper time.
Do this spell during the waning Moon towards the last quarter. Banishment spells
are done during the Waning Moon because you want to stifle the negativity.
You will need:
1. Two regular white stick alter candles
2. A glass enclosed candle that will burn for approx. one week. If your local occult store
carries the reverse candle with black wax on top and white or red at the bottom, this would
be great, otherwise a black, brown, blue or purple is good since these are some of Saturn's colors.
3. Banishment or Uncrossing oil - or you can make it by taking the herb of rosemary, black
coshosh, basil, eucalyptus, Vervain and sage (some or all) and putting them in some vegetable
or olive oil and cooking them lightly for 5-10 minutes (don't burn), strain into a bottle or jar.
4. Salt and water for sprinkling (consecration)
5. Incense, a good quality
6. Some parchment paper, but nice stationary will do (approx. 3x3 piece)
Before you start your ritual you may want to air out your space with sage.
Make sure you air out the room with open windows and doors so negative
spirits can depart. This is optional, but a good idea. Be bathed and wear some uncrossing oil.
Wear your ritual clothes or clean garments. Your altar and ritual area should be tidy but
have your personal touch on it, with the things that represent you.
Begin by lighting your incense and sprinkle water and salt in the 4 directions, move deosil,
or clockwise (dispel). Offer a short prayer in your own words to the elements earth air fire
and water to come to your space to purify it. You can include your favorite wights or protectors.
Make this as personal as possible. What matters is what 'you' identify with, not trying to
identify with some entity you've never heard of. Just be sincere, and visualize your space
being protected. If you want to draw an imaginary circle moving clockwise, that's fine too,
as long as you indicate the purification of your working space.
After the consecration, light the two white alter candles (protectors) and offer an invocation/prayer
to your main deity and in your own words ask him/her for protection and the banishment of all
negative entities that are troubling you, ask him/her to send them back to their origin.
They have no place in your life. Ask for all harm to be turned away from you, leaving
behind only prosperity, happiness, courage, acceptance of transitions without doubt and
fear, and control over your life.
State that your external forces have no power over you. Again, just be sincere, and
whether you do this in a poem form or just simply state it doesn't matter, just say it with conviction.
After your invocation, take some banishment oil and "charge" the top of your glass encased
candle with your finger tips, moving deosil, and offer a few words to remove and expel all
the negativity around you. Now light the candle.
The parchment paper is your seal. It serves as an amulet, talisman and charm, it will do the
work for you. There are many kinds of seals, but it can simply be something you create.
Write your intent or wish on the paper, in this case the banishment of ill-forces and your
protection. Then put a few dabs of banishment oil on it and put it under your candle and
leave it there until it burns out.
When you've finished with your seal, thank your deity and helpful spirits and ask them to
depart and do your bidding.
Close the ritual by extinguishing your two main alter candles (never blow on the fire element).
Your 7 day candle will stay lit until it burns out, so you may want to have it in an extra glass
or metal bowl for safety's sake, and out of reach for anyone to touch (including Freyja).
This is the end of you ritual. Now evening until the candle burns out, pick a certain time
and stick to it, to sit down with your candle anywhere from 15 -30 minutes and seriously
and intently focus or meditate on your wish or expectation. It's always good to start with
a prayer or chant, this depends on you particular spiritual practice and whatever suits you.
Never miss a single day. If more than one of you is doing this ritual, you must all sit together
each evening for the candle visualization and stick to it.
When the candle finally burns out (7 days, sooner or later), take the seal and burn it, and
sprinkle the ashes outside your front door and forget about it. You have banished all the ill
forces around you, go confidently about your daily life.