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Legendary spirits or creatures from
Australian aboriginal folklore, also
known as Yaa-loo, Dongu, Kine Pratie,
Wowee-wowee and many other localized

A variedly described monster, Bunyips
are known for causing nocturnal terror
by uttering horrible roaring cries and
jumping out of water holes, rivers and
creeks to attack and devour unwary
animals and people that came to these
places for a drink of water. Even though
throughout the years many white settlers
have reported to seen Bunyips, today most
Australians consider the creature to be
just an aboriginal myth.
According to folklore, these water creatures
were involved in the great deluge. A group
of men supposedly caught and imprisoned a
small Bunyip, making its mother so angry
she flooded the land until it covered
everything. The humans that managed to
escape were turned into black swans.

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