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                           Ok so this Flashing Dragon could probably scare away any and all rodents and
                            other critters, but for those who are not lucky enough to have a dragon in the
                             house, here are a few helpful hints you can try!!

Bug and Rodent Deterrents


                                    I saw this on the web and thought it might be something interesting to pass along
                           for those that have critters in their house!! I also added new ones from the book
                           Gardening With The Goddess.

                         Ants: Spray vinegar on ant trails and around the areas they are getting into.
                         Place sprigs of Penneyroyal, Tansy or Rue in the cupboards and shelves.
                         Ants also detest Cinnamon.  (of course Raid will work also, but the smell is
                         awful LOL )

                         Aphids: Garlic

                         Asparagus Beetle: Basil and Tomato.

                         Beetle: Parsley

                         Cabbage Butterfly: Southernwood

                         Fleas: Fleas hate Laurel leaves, Rue and Winter Savory. Crush and place under
                          rugs and couch and chair cushions, doormats ect.

                         Flies: Hang sprigs of Lavender, Mint, Pennyroyal, Peppermint or Rue. Make
                          potpourri's out of Lavender. Grow anyone of these herbs in or outside of
                          your house.

                         Japanese Beetle: Chives and Garlic.

                         Mice: Place sprigs of Tansy or Mint on your shelves, cupboards or anywhere
                         mice have been.

                         Moths: Make sachets out of Lavender, Lemon, Thyme, Rosemary, Tansy or Worm-
                         wood. Place in linen closets or drawers.

                         Nematode: Marigold

                         Potato Beetle: Tansy, Catnip, Nasturtium and Marigold.

                         Peach Aphid: Catnip

                         Slug: Wormwood

                         Squash Bug: Tansy

                         Weevil: Place Bay leaves on shelves and cupboards. Put a whole leave in your
                        flour, rice and dried beans.

                        Whitefly: Nasturtium


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All Rights Reserved