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Book List


This is a list of books that I have read and have found to be full of great information!!

The complete idiot's guide to wicca and witchcraft
By: Denise Zimmerman and Katherine Gleason

Contrary to the title (lol) this book is an excellent way to start learning about Wicca! It has almost everything you need to know it in and it is written in plain english so that you actually understand what you are reading!!!

Every Woman is a Witch
by: Cassandra Eason

To Ride a Silver Broomstick
By: Silver Raven Wolf

To Light a Sacred Flame
By: Silver Raven Wolf

To Stir a Magick Cauldron
By: Silver Raven Wolf

Good Magic
By: Marina Medici

Spell Crafts-Creating Magical Objects
By: Scott Cunningham and David Harrington

The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews
By: Scott Cunningham

Excellent recipes in this book!!!

Magical Aromatherapy-The Power of Scent
By: Scott Cunningham

Everyday Magic
By:Dorothy Morrison

The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies and Magic
By: Migene Gonzalez-Whippler

Making Magick
By: Edain McCoy

A Charmed Life
By: Patricia J. Telesco

Practical Solitary Magic
By: Nancy B. Wilson

A Modern Witch's Book of Herbs and Healing
By: Sarah Lyddon Morrison

Faery Folk
By: Edain McCoy
If you are interested in the Faery Tradition read this book it is excellent!

Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic
By: Scott Cunningham

Advanced Candle Magick
By: Raymond Buckland

Practical Candle Burning Rituals
By: Raymond Buckland

Complete Book of Witchcraft
By: Raymond Buckland

Grimoire of Shadows
By: Ed Fitch

If you are interested in covens, then read this book, it gives you good information on what would be expected of you before you join :)

Witch's Magical Handbook
By: Gavin Frost-The Church and School of Wicca

Llewellyn's 2001 Magical Almanac

This has so much information on moon phases,days, colors ect.!!!

Earth, Air, Fire and Water
By: Scott Cunningham

Gardening with the Goddess
By:Patricia Telesco

Spinning Spells and Weaving Wonders
By: Patricia Telesco

The Magick Power of White Witchcraft
By: Gavin and Yvonne Frost of The Church and School of Wicca

Elemental Power
By: Amber Wolfe  This deals with Celtic faerie craft and Druidic Magic

How To Turn Your Ex. Boyfriend into a Toad and Other Spells!
By: Athena Starwoman   yeah i know, but it is a funny book and the spells are actually good LOL

Wicca Craft
By:Gerina Dunwich

The Wiccaning
By:Sister Moon


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