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Christian Fundamentalist


I was sincerely hoping never to have to write a page like this, but when this man signed my guest book with obvious hate and ignorance it seemed that this would end up being necessary. Oh  he is also a coward since he could not leave an email addy so I could not reach him, someone who likes to *hit and run*. This is truly a pitiful way to handle things I must say.

Someone like him needs to re-read his bible if he does not believe that the Lord would not be kind and forgiving and that all witches have to be satanist. If he would re-read this book, in the original version, the part that says, *Thou shall not suffer a witch to live* was actually *Thou shall not allow a poisoner to live* but considering that most people back then that knew herbs were older women, well the catholic church was quick to jump on this and make their own changes in the bible.

All my life, my beliefs have been deeply personal, my belief in God and the way I choose to worship Him is no ones business but mine, and yet some people on the web, people who have the nerve to call themselves Christians feel that they need to tell me, a lifelong Christian how to worship and what to believe. Well folks, let me tell you this, stay the hell out of my backyard and start looking into your own, deal with your own lives that I can only assume have to be in chaos, when you seem to feel the need to write mean and nasty letters to others in this world that perhaps don't agree with your bigoted way of thinking!

I don't ask anyone to read my pages that I put up, but if you choose to do so you are more than welcome, BUT when you have foolishness and ignorance in your heart take it elsewhere, you are not going to change me, and God would not want me changed thank you very much.

He gave us a brain to use and a basis to live by, that of peace and kindness to others, not of ignorance and fear, so if you want to bash or rant over how much better your belief is then mine, well feel free, but take it elsewhere because you are not wanted here, I bash no one and I do not try to convert anyone, what I believe is mine alone and my choice, so grow up and get a life and stay out of mine!!!


I began to realize that when people were reading this page, that no one is quite understanding that i am also a christian! Being a christian witch isnt easy, both wiccan and christian alike sometimes don't care for christian witches, please understand this page was intended for the christian fundamentalist groups that see no other religion being right except their own!  

Well had another *hit and run* in my guestbook :( she also gave a false email addy so I couldnt write her back either! Seems to me they are afraid of hearing what I have to say, they dont seem ready to defend what they say, or perhaps they feel inadequite in their own beliefs, either way it seems they are cowards.


Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding this page!!!

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