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Automatic Writing


1. Align and open all chakras.

2. Wear loose and comfortable clothing. Have plenty of paper and many different pens available, in case the ink
    run out. Be relaxed and calm.

3. Light one yellow candle and burn Vision incense.
4. Surround yourself in a blue aura for protection.
5. Do meditative breathing.

6. Start with a prayer or blessing.

"Good angels and good spirits who dwell among us, I ask that you come to me
with voice and message from the highest existence. I ask for information to be of direct
and positive nature. This is my will, so mote it be"


7. Write down your first question.

8. The answer that comes through must be written down immediately. Do not bother to stop the flow of information
    by crossing the "T"s or dotting the "I"s. All these things, including punctuation can be added at the very end
    when the communication is over.

9. Continue asking important questions until the communication grows weak.

10. Close the communication with thanks to the "writer" whether it be a good angel or good spirit. Say a prayer
      of thanks for the spirits assistance.