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Your Astrological Candle
From the book "Every Woman is a Witch" By Cassandra Eason


                        This is a list of candle colors that fit with your own
                        astrological sign, as always there is some disagreement about
                        what colors or right or wrong, but these are the most common


                   Aries-March 21-April 20-Color Red


                    Taurus-April 21-May 21-Color Pink


                   Gemini-May22-June 21-Color Pale Grey


                    Cancer-June22-July 22-Color Silver


                    Leo-July 23-August 23-Color Gold


                    Virgo-August 24-September 23-Color Green


                    Libra-September 24-October 23-Color Blue


                    Scorpio-October 23-November 22-Color Burgundy or Indigo


                    Sagittarius-November 23-December 21-Color Yellow or Orange

                    Capricorn-December 22-January 20-Color Black or Brown


                    Aquarius-January 21-February 19-Color Violet or Dark Blue


                    Pisces-February 20-March 20-Color White



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