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The Altar


                 Everyone needs an altar, but the size and shape is up to you. It can be very small
                 and simple or large and ornate the choice is yours. Anything will do, a table, a
                 desk a box or even a crate.

              Altar Cloth-Most Wiccans like to put a nice cloth on their alters. This also can be
             of your own choosing. The cloth can be just some pretty material you have had
               lying around and never knew what to do with it, to ornate and embroidered. Make
               it something that will appeal to you.

                 Left Side of The Altar-On the left side of your alter you should put the Goddess
             candle or symbol. A bowl of water, your wand (if you have one) a Chalice ( a cup
              is fine) and a bell.

                  Middle of the Altar-In the middle should be your censor, your spell material, your
                   pentacle and cauldron.

                   Right side of the Altar-On the right side you should put the God candle or symbol.
               A bowl of salt (table salt is fine) and your athame.

             Your altar can also hold many different things such as seashells, stones or
               anything you consider important to yourself and your beliefs. You will also need to
              have candle holders, a broom is always good to have on hand, a crystal ball (if you
              have one, no need to run out to get one if it isn't of interest to you) matches or a
             lighter, (depending on your spell, some will call for matches and others for a
             lighter) Feathers (be careful with this, some feathers are illegal to have in your
             possession!) Beads, a compass any amulets you might have, glass jars with corks,
              felt or flannel of different colors, (black and red and green are good) a good idea
               to have a tape recording or cd of music or sounds that you feel good about (mine is
               the waves in the ocean) you can also keep your pendulum on your altar. Also it is
               a good idea to have a variety of different cloths. You should have flannels, basic
               red, black, green, you should have some 100% cotton cloth if you can get it, try for
               a variety of colors with this, red, blue, green, purple, yellow several if you can get
                them. Also cheesecloth is very good to have around and a necessity when working
                with herbal potions.


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