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Air Drying Herbs


                         When air drying herbs make sure you have them in places that bugs are not going
                          to get to them. Mice are around hot and humid climates. Mildew is also
                          something you will need to watch for, if your herbs are moist, try to spread them
                          out more and away from each other. The drying area should be well vented and
                        out of direct light. If you are hanging your herbs in bunches, try not to hang too
                        many together, they can turn black and moldy. You can hang the herbs in paper
                        bags if you wish, but be sure to punch some holes in the bags for ventilation.

                        Some herbs can be dried on trays, just don't let them be too thick. When hanging
                        herbs such as Thyme, hang by the branches instead of the leaves. This way when
                        the herb is dried you need only run your hand backwards down the stem to
                        gently pull the leaves off.

                        To check if your leaves are dried, crumble a bit between your fingers. If they are
                        crispy and break easily they are dried, if not, put them back and wait a while


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