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                     On this page I will  put up the little ones I have adopted ! From dragon's to
                            fairy's I adore them all !! This page grew quicker then I expected and I will be
                           putting a second adoption page up soon.

                         This is the Guardian of my adoption page, she will watch over all the others
                           and keep them safe.

                            Her name is Perdia, is she not lovely? If you would like a guardian for your
                              page click on the link to go to Amanda's Castle to adopt one !


                          This is my *Poof* her name is Teila, if you would like a *Poof* of your very
                             own, click on the pretty button !

                     Now here is a link to a site called  *Neopets* My sons and I have each  have
                              a pet there ! Of course mine is a dragon *grin*


                              I have a few more babies for my adoption page !



Hmmm, they say it began with an egg..............


From egg to hatchling.............soooooo cute


Then from hatchling to teenager !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmmm wonder if she will be like my teenage sons  ARRRGG


And finally from teenager to...........Adult !


                        Well survived the teenage years ! Now she is fully grown with
                        personality all her own! You really don't want to anger her
                        she is quite protective!

Her name is Ty'Rie


                             This beautiful  female dragon is Tallon she is a weather
                       changing dragon!



                              Now this next little cutie is my Fighting Dragon. He may be a
                          fighting dragon but he is one with a heart! He does tend to
                          get into mischief but that's ok I love children!


                        Isn't he adorable, his name is Dragon Wing. If you would like to
                        adopt a fighting dragon of your own, just click on the pretty
                        button  to go to ambers dragon lair.

                      Also from Ambers Lair I adopted Talea, she is a sweet tempered
                      female dragon. She loves the water and bathtime is her favorite
                      time of the day!


                            Now this adorable creature is my little vixen. Her name is
                       Sassy. If you would like to adopt a vixxen of your own just
                         click on the pretty button 


                           I have her back !!!!!!!!! My little dragon that I first adopted! I lost
                       her when my puter crashed! thankfully she is home now and i
                       won't loose her again!

This is my baby TaliaHer cave !

                          If you would like an adorable baby like Talia, click on her birth


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