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page 2
Adoption Page 2

 This is my water faerie Lily please visit this site and adopt a faerie!



This is Jennifer

This is Raven


                           I adopted Jennifer and Raven at The Realm of the Fairies it is a lovely site,
                              please go visit and adopt a Fairie of your own, they have several lovely ones!

                              These next pixies I adopted at The Enchanted Hollow!


                                                This pixie is celebrating Samhain!!


                             The following guardians I also adopted from the enchanted
                       hollow, each for a different reason. If you read my christian
                       witch page I told about a dream I had that brought me back to
                       wicca. in this dream I saw the white wolf also a beautiful lion.

When I saw the White wolf I knew I had to adopt her!

I also knew I had to adopt the Lion!


Now these others I chose for different reasons!

The Dragon, for dragons are my guardians.


The cat because I have 5 of them!


The ferret because one is coming to my house soon!


And the last is a fairy water elemental, because I am
a pisces!




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All Rights Reserved